Caused some hearing issues. What about choking and coughing? lil wayne viagra quotes Did you have that? I can't lie down without the coughing both in or out of winter, and i choke on almost all foods and sometimes water. lil wayne viagra quotes I think my growth has changed the way the trachea or esophagus is shaped. After the docs did the fnb using that us equipment, my doc was no longer saying "we will watch it. " he said you have to have it removed. I am getting different opinions tho. One nurse said just do it. viagra without a prescription canada My brother who is a radiologist said wait and watch. But gimme a break. Is he choking on all his food and coughing constantly even tho no allergies or cold? No cuz he had his thyroid removed... So to answer the original question, yes my hearing is affected, both ears and now that my glands are swollen my neck does hurt. Also, the vein that crosses over my thyroid is visible night and day in the hollow in my neck. viagra cost That is new for me. Last edited by golfhat; 01-01-2009 at 07:06 pm. generic viagra without prescription   sponsors     01-02-2009, 06:12 am   # 3 melissa1873 senior member (female)   join date: nov 2008 location: northern kent county posts: 177 hugs: 0 hugged 1 time in 1 post thanks: 0 thanked 0 times in 0 posts re: anyone have thyroid nodules accompanied by neck and ear pain? buy viagra cheap Its interesting you mention the coughing/choking. I failed to mention those symptoms. I have to consciously think about drinking fluids. If i dont actually think about it while i'm swallowing, some fluid goes into my trachea every time. That is when i spend the next 15 min coughing and clearing my throat to try and bring up the liquid i aspirated. viagra pregnant women I have always figured this is related as it has gotten worse month to month. Everyone aspirates from time to time but i do it every time! what is cheaper viagra or viagra Unless of course i concentrate on my swallowing technique. I'm not sure if this is what your problem is from?? And my neck and ear pain is only on the right side of my neck. buy viagra online My left side feels wonderful! My right side feels like i want to cut if off! Thank you for your post and good luck!   01-02-2009, 08:23 pm   # 4 famnd senior veteran (female)   join date: mar 2007 location: us posts: 1,693 hugs: 0 hugged 0 times in 0 posts thanks: 0 thanked 2 times in 2 posts re: anyone have thyroid nodules accompanied by neck and ear pain? buy generic viagra The muscles of my esophagus were damaged when i had thyroiditis 30 yrs ago. Swallowing liquids is harder than soft foods believe or not. You can buy a thickner for liquids to make it easier to swallow. I have adapted to it over the years. lil wayne viagra quotes I love salads & find leaf lettuce the easiest to swallow. I over cook all my foods & chew, chew, & chew. I do miss all the raw vegetables i used to eat. I switched to a vegetarian diet cause meat is especially difficult to swallow. I like veggies better anyhow. Neck pain & hearing loss makes me think of carotid artery issues. Dr. Dean edell on xm said any unexplained hearing loss should be investigated for.