Mmunofluorescence studies and serology could distinguish between pauci-immune gn and anti-gbm disease. The mepex trial validates, albeit in a limited way, the benefit of plasmapheresis in treating pauci-immune gn and potentially salvaging kidney function beyond conventional immunosuppressive modalities in patients with severe renal dysfunction from small-vessel vasculitis. Reference 1. buy viagra cheap Lockwood cm, rees aj, pearson ta, evans dj, peters dk, wilson cb. Immunosuppression and plasma-exchange in the treatment of goodpasture's syndrome. Lancet. 1976;1(7962):711-715. 2. Levy, jb, turner an, rees aj, pusey cd. female viagra sildenafil Long-term outcome of anti-glomerular basement membrane antibody disease treated with plasma exchange and immunosuppression. Ann intern med. 2001;134(11):1033-1042. 3. ordering viagra from canada Hewins p, savage co. Anca and neutrophil biology. Kidney blood press res. buy cheap viagra 2003;26(4):221-225. 4. buy viagra online Xiao h, heeringa p, hu p, et al. Antineutrophil cytoplasmic autoantibodies specific for myeloperoxidase cause glomerulonephritis and vasculitis in mice. J clin invest. 2002;110(7):995-963. Back to top rituximab is noninferior to cyclophosphamide for the treatment of pauci-immune glomerulonephritis stone jh. Merkel pa, spiera r, et al. Rituximab versus. Cyclophosphamide for anca associated vasculitis. buy viagra N engl j med. 2010;363(3):221-232. (for non-subscribers to this journal, an additional fee may apply to obtain full-text articles. generic viagra online ) view journal abstract view full article jones rb, cohen tervaert jw, hauser t, et al. Rituximab versus cyclophosphamide in anca associated renal vasculitis. the price of viagra N engl j med. 2010;363(3):211-220. safe mix viagra viagra (for non-subscribers to this journal, an additional fee may apply to obtain full-text articles. ) view journal abstract view full article treatment of anca-associated renal vasculitis has traditionally relied on the use of cyclophosphamide in combination with corticosteroids--—agents linked to significant toxic adverse effects. Targeted immunosuppressive therapy would thus be an attractive alternative, given its lower theoretical side-effect profile. viagra tadalafil for women Since b-cell activation has been shown to correlate with disease activity, use of the b-cell–depleting antibody rituximab is an attractive treatment option. pfizer viagra cheap prices Two recent randomized, controlled trials address more definitively the noninferiority of rituximab as.