Skip to main | skip to sidebar thursday, december 27, 2007 polycystic kidney disease spreading the word brent davis, record staffkitchener resident nina young is living with polycystic kidney disease and is trying to raise more awareness about the genetic illness. buy viagra without prescription ('email story'); it is a disease which can swell the kidneys from the size of a human fist to the size of a football, weighing as much as 38 pounds each. It riddles them with painful, fluid filled cysts, which grow as big as baseballs, crowding out normal kidney tissue. The culprit is polycystic kidney disease, one of the most common of all life-threatening genetic diseases. By age 60, half of those with the dominant form of the disease experience kidney failure and require a kidney transplant or dialysis to keep them alive. Those with the disease also face a higher risk of heart problems, stroke, brain aneurysms and cysts in other areas of the body, such as the liver. There are more than 63,000 people in canada and 12. 5 million people worldwide with the disease. There is no treatment and no cure, although three drugs are being tested which could slow the development of cysts. yahoo email hacked viagra Nina young, 26, of kitchener, learned she had the disease when she was just 13. It has cut a wide swath through her family. generic viagra overnight delivery Her grandfather died from its complications as he was preparing to begin dialysis. Her mother laura, who lived in kitchener, succumbed in the summer of 2006 at age 45. Of her mother's siblings, six have the disease and one does not. Another died in infancy of unknown causes. Two have died as adults and two have had successful kidney transplants. viagra how long before Young's brother and several cousins also have the disease. After eight troubled years on dialysis, young's mother had climbed near the top of the transplant waiting list before her death. generic viagra shipped usa Although young's own kidneys and heart are currently fine, she is already having problems with her blood pressure and has a number of cysts on her kidneys and liver. precio viagra 10 mg en farmacia A single mother of an eight-year-old, she is unable to work outside the home and provides home day care. viagra pills "it's not an easy feeling knowing that i may have 10 years left until i'm on dialysis," young says in a recent interview at her home. But she is trying to stay positive. Young is on a mission to educate people about polycystic kidney disease, hoping that awareness will prompt more research into treatments and possibly a cure. She is involved with the polycystic research society of canada as a volunteer representative for waterloo region, which does not have a chapter. generic viagra shipping from canada The soc.